Sandra Bullock

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name: Bullock Sandra Bullock (340x300 Inline JPG)
first name: Sandra
birthdate: July 26th, 1967
native town: Arlington, Virginia
profession: actress

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biography facts:

Sandra Bullock was born in Arlington as the child of a European opera-singer (Helga Bullock) and a father who worked as a vocal coach. Sandra and her two younger siblings annually crossed the Atlantic for the opera season. She grew up in various homes in the U.S., Germany and Austria.
At age of 8, Sandra debuted as a gypsy child in the background of one production and by the time she was 12, she says, she had made up her mind to become an actress. Sandra has said she was "a couple of beats off" her stateside peers, but she was a cheerleader who was popular with her classmates at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington.
In 1982, she attended East Carolina University and later studied acting at the Sanford Meisner Neighborhood Playhouse before taking a shot at being an actress in New York.

Sandra Bullock went on to play supporting parts in such critically acclaimed films as 'The Vanishing' and 'Wrestling Ernest Hemingway', but it was a futuristic comedy -- 1993's 'Demolition Man' -- that caught the attention of studio executives and a new batch of fans. Her attractive innocence was the perfect foil to Stallone's gruff, foul-mouthed hero. That performance won her a similar role opposite Keanu Reeves in the 1994 blockbuster 'Speed'. As the ordinary working girl (who happens to be able to drive a bus), Sandra won the hearts of viewers of both sexes. Critics promptly called Sandra the heir to Julia Roberts
While Bullock cemented her position as a romantic lead with 'While You Were Sleeping', it was 'The Net' that ensured the recognition of her universal talent and led to a even more extensive web-presence. "After 'The Net,' I think a lot of Internet people thought of her as having a similar kind of life to their own", said Alegado, the XXX. The hacker-thriller, which casts Sandra Bullock as a computer analyst, defied generally bad press, soared on word-of-mouth and made the silly comedy 'XXX'that followed forgivable ...

Sandra Bullock's personal life has not mirrored her movie romances. "I just love the way Keanu looks at me while he's kissing me", she said in an interview about her work in 'Speed'. "Why don't the guys we meet look at us like this?" was another comment about the diffenrences between fiction and reality. Her relationship with Donovan, to whom she referred as "the greatest love of my life", ended about the time 'Speed' came into theaters (he's now involved with 'Friends'-star Jennifer Aniston), and Bullock made no bones about her wounded feelings. A flirtation with Dallas Cowboy Troy Aikman seemed to go nowhere. Not long ago, she was been linked with 'A Time to Kill' costar Matthew McConaughey, although both actors maintain that they are just good friends.

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