Heidi Klum

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name: Klum Heidi Klum (340x300 Inline JPG)
first name: Heidi
birthdate: Jun. 01st, 1973
native town: Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
profession: model

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biography facts:

Heidi was born in a small town near Cologne (Germany). She started modelling at age 18. Convinced by a friend of hers she took part at the 'Model 92' contest - and she won. The title changed her life: she signed a contract with the NY Agency 'Metropolitan' about $300k per year.

After 3 hard years she changed to 'elite' and immediately became an international model. Heidi Klums face recruits cosmetics, telephones and clothes for brides. She was seen in TV advertisements and magazines. With her changable attitude she was the star of fashion and advertising. Sometimes she appeared cool, lazy, romantic or fragile - then again self-confidently, sexy or erotic. Her first big appearance was a Victorias Secret Fashion Show which was also transmitted through the internet and reached approximately 2 Mio viewers.

"Beauty comes from the inside", says Heidi Klum. Like many, Heidi pays attention to nutrition. She rarely smokes and makes nothing from alcohol. Instead she drinks three liters water without carbonic acid daily. After winning the the cover spot on the Sport Illustrated Swimsuit magazine in 1998, Heidi started through - appearing on popular American talk shows such as David Letterman, and on the cover of a multitude of American magazines. Heidi became famous around the world and she's showed herself as beeing smart. She created a company in her hometown Bergisch Gladbach, co-developed the product logo herself and used her name as the label.

Her appearance on the ABC sitcom "Spin City" proves that Heidi can not only model, but act as well. Her latest movie project is 'Blow Dry' - a film about hair style ... Lately she also showed her talent in singing at an MTV show, which she moderated and   She is married to hairstylist Ric Pipino.

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