P E R S O N A L   I N F O
    J o c h e n    S c h o e n e n b e r g  
      born: Aug. 1972 in Bonn, Germany
      martial status: single
    E d u c a t i o n a l   S u m m a r y  
      1979 - 1993: basic school-education
      1993 - 1996: University of Kaiserslautern
studies of economics and engineering
      1996 - 2000: Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences
studies of economics and engineering
      1993 - 1999: different short-term internships in Germany concerning basic technical
subjects as maintenance, construction (CAD) and quality-management
and further experiences in Germany and the US concerning logistics
and IT due to interships and part-time work;
advanced knowledge of performance controlling and reporting
(balanced scorecard, zero-based budgeting, mis ...);
    L a n g u a g e s  
      German, English, French
  (you' are welcome to get in contact with me in either one of these languages ... )
  For any questions contact me [ Jochen.Schoenenberg@gmx.net ]
    C o m p u t e r - K n o w l e d g e  
      Networking: Basic Knowledge in networking-theory and communication-technology
      Programming: Visual Basic for Applications, Pascal, Delphi, HTML 1-4
basics in C++, Java and Cobol
      Systems: MS Windows 9x, MS Windows NT/2000 Workstation
Basics in MS Windows NT/2000 Server and Linux
      Applications: MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access
Basics in WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, Paradox, Fox Pro,
CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Microstation CAD
      Business Systems: PSI-Penta user knowledge and system-basics
SAP R/3 user knowledge in modules Logistics, Accounting and Controlling
    P e r s o n a l   P r o f i l e  
      hobbies: movies, music, travelling, photography, ...
      interests: stock-markets, design, motor-sports, USA, ...
      passions: a good dinner in the sunset with a californian red wine, a good cigar
thereafter and ... (hey I'm not gonna tell you everything)
  for life:
having 1 Mio $ until the age of 32 ...
if this fails - having 2 Mio $ until the age of 35 ...
and if even this fails - having 5 Mio $ until the age of 40 ...
just kidding ...
there really are more important things in life than money !!!



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